Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support

Coastal Medical Transportation Systems’
Basic Life Support (BLS)

CMTS’ Basic Life Support (BLS) service is available 24/7
to serve patients' ambulance needs for low acuity interfacility ambulance transport. Each of our BLS ambulances is staffed by Two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

Patients generally transported by BLS ambulances include medical and Surgical patients who do not require cardiac monitoring, psychiatric patient transports, hospital discharges to sub-acute care facilities and inpatient settings, and other patients who are bed confined that require medically necessary transport.

General BLS transportation situations include:

  • discharge

    Discharge to home or sub-acute care facilities

  • fracture

    Lower extremity injuries or fractures

  • Psychiatric

    Psychiatric patients

  • cardiac

    Medical and surgical patients who do not require cardiac monitoring