Providing the highest quality of care with compassion, dignity, and respect for all customers and patients

CMTS services are available 24/7.

Coastal Medical Transportation Services, LLC provides best-in-class client care with 24/7 non-emergency transportation services for healthcare institutions and patients across New England.



Explore our full suite of transportation services and let our skilled team handle transportation to
and from medical and nonmedical destinations.


Coastal Medical Transportation Services’ Mobile COVID-19 Testing Program enables schools, care facilities such as nursing homes, group homes and assisted living facilities, sports teams, businesses and even families or individuals, to schedule private on-site or in-home COVID-19 testing.

Basic Life Support

Coastal Medical Transportation Services’ Basic Life Support (BLS) service is for patients who require medical transportation and continuous monitoring. All BLS ambulances are staffed with Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), who are trained to make prompt treatment decisions.

Advanced Life Support

Coastal Medical Transportation Services’ Advanced Life Support (ALS) service is provided by a team of highly skilled and trained staff armed with the necessary equipment to stabilize, treat and transport patients to emergency departments or assist in interfacility transfers for trauma patients.

Wheelchair Transportation Services

Coastal Medical Transportation Services wheelchair transport service provides patients confined to a wheelchair with an easily accessible vehicle. All vehicles are equipped with low-to-the-ground ramps, which extend out at various lengths for stress-free loading and unloading.



We are a locally owned and operated company and have grown up within the areas we service. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a sense of community, and treating every client with dignity and respect.

Our mission is to provide timely transportation to and from medical and nonmedical destinations in a clean, well maintained, and certified vehicle while providing the highest quality patient care. We are dedicated to utilizing the latest technology to ensure accurate and up-to-date patient care reports.

The CMTS vision is to lead the local community in providing caring, compassionate service in a reliable manner with absolute dignity and respect for each and every individual entrusted to our care.